Gallery Exhibits

The gallery will host exhibits by local and international contemporary artists alongside masters presenting their works of both traditional paintings, lithographs, drawings, fine art photography, interactive art, new media art and sculptures. Artworks on exhibit at Glade Gallery are available for sale.


Glade Gallery partners with curators, brokers and fine art appraisers around the world, bringing together the best-in-class fine art experts to manage a sale or a purchase of any artwork from any artist, anywhere.


Looking to restore a piece of valuable artwork? Glade Gallery experts can work with you to evaluate the current state and the possibilities for restoration through our partnership with one of the masters in restoration services.


For any investment we make, validating the true worth of that investment is critical. Glade Gallery provides full fine art appraisal services to authenticate the artwork, providing you the proper documentation as well as proof of replacement value for your insurance policy.


Conservation services are quintessential to preserving the history and value of a unique artwork. The Conservation services team at Glade Gallery is ready to consult with you on any art periods and mediums, to preserve artwork, documents, artifacts and other cultural heritage artifacts.