Glade Gallery

Glade Cultural Center represents local and international contemporary artists alongside masters. The gallery provides art brokering, consulting, restoration and conservation services.


Glade Cultural Center partners with international brokers to curate unique commercial exhibit experiences and periodic auction events.

Performing Arts

Glade Cultural Center offers ongoing live intimate concert series in the museum from Symphonies to local and visiting musicians.

Event Venue

Glade Cultural Center facility is a full-service venue for any type of event or special occasion. We offer architecturally stunning and educationally rich spaces from which to choose in a complex that houses a unique experience both inside and out, the venue has full A/V and advanced technology to support any needs and have full service catering services available to provide simplicity in event coordination.

Glade Arts Foundation

The 501(c)(3) non-profit arm within the Glade Cultural Center organization that will provide a unique and accessible fine arts experience for the community via programs that include art education, community based public art projects and art scholarships for those that apply and meet the requirements set forth by the foundation.